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February 24, 2013
May 27, 2013
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Josie’s World

I recently connected with a blog called, Dru’s Book Musings. If you love to read mysteries, you’ll love her blog. She reads and reviews a mind-blowing number of mysteries each month! Dru’s feature segment is called, A Day in the Life. Authors share a typical day-in-the-life as seen from the main character in their series. Click on the link to A Day in the Life for Josie Gray, Chief of Police in Artemis, Texas to discover the main character in my series. If you enjoy Dru’s website, drop her an email. She would appreciate it!

Meanwhile, Scratchgravel Road was released this month. Wrecked, the third book in the series, is undergoing edits, and I’m researching the 4th book. The working title for the 4th book is Fire Break. The mystery takes place in the midst of a horrific Texas wildfire season. The wildfires, for many reasons, increase in danger and complexity every year. Contact me if you have an interest – I can provide you with the titles of several books with great information from the past to the present. I’ve almost conducted enough research to make the jump into fiction. Looking forward to spring break to get started…