A Reluctant Saint

Book Seven in the Josie Gray Mystery Series

Mayoral elections are looming in Artemis. One of the candidates, Mike Striker, wants to build a racetrack while the incumbent mayor, Simon O'Kane, is strongly opposed. The proposal has divided the town: will it provide jobs and money, or will it bring crime and does it profit from animal cruelty?

Tensions rise as a greyhound breeder has a number of her dogs stolen - she vows vengeance, only to soon be found dead herself. Meanwhile, fears of election fraud circulate. Is there truth behind the rumors of election rigging? Who stands to gain the most from the racetrack being built? Are animal rights activists taking matters too far?

Josie Gray, Chief of Police in Artemis, must discover who is willing to kill for their cause before others in the town get caught in the crossfire - all while a gathering threat from Mexico City hovers over her.