Young Blood

Book One in the Maggie Wise Mystery Series

When two little girls are abducted, Maggie traces the kidnappings back to an esteemed research doctor poised to make millions on a new discovery. She learns the doctor’s shocking methods are destroying families and bilking investors out of millions; actions that lead the doctor to a fate far worse than prison.

With no kids of her own, Maggie wrestles with the morality of one mother’s decision: was her behavior reprehensible, or was she doing what needed to be done to provide her family a new beginning? As Maggie is drawn into their dysfunctional life, she learns just how far people will go in the name of money.

Young Blood is a story about the flawed decisions family members make to save the ones they love. It is a story where friendship matters, and romance fails—where greed and love intersect with a deadly outcome.