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November 26, 2010
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December 2, 2010
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The Territory

The Territory: “A massive Pandora’s box perches on the Rio Grande in Mexico, it’s lock broken, ready to spill untold violence across the river into Artemis, Texas, a border town ill-equipped to handle the aftermath.

Living in a border town south of Juarez, the most dangerous city in the world, Chief of Police,

Josie Gray, has feared the invasion for years. After a gun battle in the Artemis Trauma Center leaves a member of the Mexican drug cartel elite murdered and the hospital staff terrorized, Josie

arrests a member of the Medrano Cartel and becomes a target herself. For the first time in her career she fears the criminals are getting the upper hand.

Located in one of the most remote, unforgiving places in the United States, Artemis makes for a hardscrabble life. In spite of the adversity, Josie loves the stark beauty, the space and the heat of the desert, and the eclectic group of people who choose to make Artemis their home. She is a competent, fiercely loyal Chief of Police with an inherent understanding of the job. Her personal life, however, is not so clear. Her shaky romance with a local accountant is pushed to the breaking point when Josie refuses to go back on the commitment she made to the town for a safer life elsewhere. Like the people she is sworn to protect, she finds herself navigating the unstable desert land between Mexico and the United States; the land the locals call The Territory.”