Wrecked: where the con game involves millions, a small-town cop is the pawn, and the payoff is a man’s life.


Josie Gray experiences every cop’s worst nightmare when her longtime love interest disappears and his secretary is murdered. Josie has no choice but to relinquish the case to a fellow officer, losing control over a case that matters more than any other. As suspicions split her department, Josie struggles with her actions on the night she last saw Dillon. If she had acted on her instincts, would the innocent woman still be alive?

When the politics of law enforcement threaten to paralyze her ability to do the right thing, she must make a choice between her oath and her personal desire to not just get the culprit, but to get revenge.

Praise for Wrecked

“Fields’ third Josie Gray outing is emotionally taut, building to a breathtaking climax and portraying, in the process, the danger inherent in a Texas border town and presenting Josie, previously wary of commitment, with new challenges. More fine southwestern crime fiction by an author who clearly loves the locale..”

Booklist (starred review)

Clean up – or cover up?

“The twisty follow-up to the Hillerman Prize–winning The Territory, featuring tough smalltown Texas police chief, Josie Gray.” – St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books

It was pure luck Josie Gray spotted Cassidy Harper’s car, abandoned on the side of the road. If she hadn’t, then she’d never have found Cassidy, lying nearly dead of heatstroke in the desert sand beside the body of a Mexican immigrant. But Cassidy can’t explain why she was out for a walk in the midday desert heat, let alone how she happened upon the corpse. With the coroner’s speculation that the sores may put all of Artemis in danger, the stakes are high for everyone.

Praise for Scratchgravel Road

“Full of nonstop action … Fields’s second crime novel will be a sure hit with mystery fans who miss the late Hillerman and readers who love contemporary Westerns.”

Library Journal (starred review)

“As in Fields’ Tony Hillerman Prize–winning debut: carefully integrated red herrings, a tinge of romance and dead-on descriptions of West Texas weather—oppressive heat, weeklong downpours and earth-obliterating mudslides.”

—Kirkus Reviews

A thin strip of land
along the Rio Grande
where two countries collide

Winner of the 2010 Tony Hillerman Award for Best First Mystery

What sacrifices would you make to triumph over evil?

Would you sacrifice love? Your home? Would the risks be worth the payoff?

Chief of Police, Josie Gray, becomes a personal target for the Medrano Cartel and puts the town she vowed to protect at risk. How does an understaffed border town cop face a brutal organization with infinite resources and win?


About Tricia

“I fell in love with the southwest in the 80’s after reading Edward Abbey’s, Desert Solitaire. While having never lived in the desert, I have spent years there in my mind, drawn to authors such as Tony Hillerman, Elmore Leonard and Larry McMurtry. Over the past ten years I’ve been drawn as well to the story in northern Mexico: the spread of the cartels, the chaos along the border, the inability of local and national authorities to gain control, and the destruction of lives on both sides of the border. Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas is now considered to be the most dangerous city in the world. It is terrifying, and it is on our doorstep.”

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